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  • Steelbird, a light helmet that’s even lighter in your budget. With more than six varieties in full and more than three varieties in half, it is one of the most preferred helmet among Nepalese youth. Watch the video to know about the pros and cons of each helmet.

  • More than 15 years of riding experience by the age of 26, Biker Suraj Da is looked up as an inspiration by many youths. He is a man with greater vision, determined to achieve an international recognition in his area of expertise. Helmets Nepal brings to you the story series featuring Biker Suraj Da with his team Hidden Action.

  • Being a young rider, are you well aware about riding safety measures and proper riding gears to keep your riding experience a pleasurable one? Here is what Mr. Saurabh Jyoti has to say to young riders about proper riding and safety gear.


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How to measure your head

XXS = 51-52cm XXL = 63-64cm








53 to 54cm

55 to 56cm

57 to 58cm

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